Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Local News

Ok... The 'Bluest of blue states' just batted in a grand slam as far as I'm concerned. The state congress voted to NIX the idea (suggested by Mitt) of having the Commonwealth vote on GAYS right to marriage. During the last meeting of congress he strong armed them to vote on putting it to the voters to change the Ma. constitution to ban gay marriage. He needed (and got) 50 votes out of like 190, a pretty small hurtle when you consider how even though Ma. is pretty liberal, by definition most politicians are conservative. Politicians want to please the most people as possible, which often means taking a middle of the road position, even if most of their voters would prefer them to stick their necks out… So in the first meeting the opponents of Gay marriage were able to get their 50 votes with a few votes to spare.
Then Ma., after 16 years, votes in a Democrat for governor- Patrick. Patrick goes on the offensive and asks Congress to nix the vote for a Gay Marriage amendment- as he does NOT want people voting on other people’s rights. Just in case it needs to be noted, Patrick is black- and it was the U.S. Supreme Court, not the American voters who decided that separate but equal- wasn’t.
The head of congress however, wanted to bring things to a vote this year- I guess to show that they were listening to the people n’ stuff (see above- politicians want voters to see them as moderates)…. So the vote for Gay Marriage was called on Thursday and to my surprise that the Right failed to get their 50 votes.

So Gay Marriage remains legal in Ma. until a) the evil forces get the Ma. congress to vote twice in a row to change the constitution, which according the article could happen as ‘early’ as 2012. Would that we could threaten to put some sort of amendments in the State constitution to threaten the other side. Like say an amendment that codifies anti abortionists as terrorists- because a) they are and b) I’d to find if you could find 50 state congressmen in the bluest of blue states to call them out.



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