Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I threw up a little bit....

Ok... I looked on youtube to find a clip of this to link to it... but I couldn't find one which might be good or bad. As if I heard this COME OUT of someone's mouth- I'd want to throttle them( and since the guy who said is in the military- odds are I'd get my butt kicked)

In an interview with talking about the Friendly Fire death of Pat Tilman, Lt. Col. Kauzlarich, who was in charge of the 'investigation' of how Tilman died said:
"When you die, I mean, there is supposedly a better life, right? Well, if you are an atheist and you don't believe in anything, if you die, what is there to go to? Nothing. You are worm dirt. So for their son to die for nothing, and now he is no more — that is pretty hard to get your head around that. So I don't know how an atheist thinks. I can only imagine that that would be pretty tough."

I read this the other day on Crooks and Liars as Pat's mom told congress about this, but gonna link to a older article on Daily Kos; as Kos points out- as I did above that Lt. Col. Kauzlarich was in charge of the cover up/investigation into Tilman's death... and that he doesn't give a damn about what happened to Tilman... because ya'know Tilman is in Heaven and that's all that matters.

I'm pretty much a pacifist... but stuff like this makes me want to ask if the Lt. Col. has any kids... and if so- would he mind if I shot them AFTER they recieved communion.... Because that way he could be SURE they were going to Heaven.


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