Wednesday, June 27, 2007

She who should not be named

I knew that Coultergist was appearing on Hardball yesterday- and it was pretty much softball I read as she was given an hour to fill with her hate speech... I've also read that Matthews pretty much let her get away with ALL of her lies.( I still remember her arguing with a Canadian Newsperson about Canada's "roll" in 'Nam).

However I'm shining a light on Coultergist's appearance because Mrs. Edwards called in and complained about the personal attacks her and her husband have had to deal with.

Not sure what amazes me more- the fact that Coultergist( like many repubs) seem to feel that the past is the past and not to be brought up( unless it's 9/11 or Bill's sex life)... as Coultergist mentions at several points that what S/HE said was AGES ago...

OR HIS/HER admission that S/HE can't write a book without insulting SOMEONE.



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