Monday, August 08, 2005

A Very Special Protest

I read USA Today because the old geezer at the Strat( I'm miffed at him so he's old geezer today) brings by the crumbs of his papers to the game store. Basically he buys the Times, USA Today and Boston Globe and brings us the sections he 'thinks' we're interested in.
On about page 5 of USA Today was the story about a mom who lost her son in Iraq last year and was protesting W. in Crawford. Yup, she went down to Texas as W. spends the month of August on vacation cleaning brush( just like he did in 2001) and is protesting the war. She's about 8 miles away from the ranch- as I had to explain to the old geezer twice, W.'s ranch is private property as is his neighbors and on top of that he's got secret service.
Cindy Sheehan, that's the mom, has gotten tired of the republicans using HER son's death as a way to get votes. She complains that while W. did meet with her to 'pay his respects' that he wasn't very respectful.

I then checked the New York Times and it was on page 13. The Times story was a bit longer and had a picture of her( as did USA Today) and the link to the story is here. My friend Mike felt that odds are she'll get arrested( and btw on google news 'bush protest' did get a couple of stories about a guy getting arrested at a Bush rally), and I told him- after being interrupted 3 times by the old geezer that I hope she is. See being on page 13 isn't all that special but if she got arrested I'm sure she'd get on page 1 and John Stewart would make jokes about her.

Seriously, I was happy to read the story and glad since it seems to be a slow news time that it's making the rounds. I'm posting it in hopes of keeping the story alive.