Monday, February 27, 2006

He shot a man...

Been meaning to blog about this for over a week... though I loved Jon Stewert's comments last week.

How powerful do you have to be that you not only can get away with shooting a man BUT he feels he has to apologize TO YOU.

Because apparently that's how powerful Dick Cheney is.

He shot a man this month, he admitted he drank a bit before the shooting [though this admission was later edited out of his lone interview], he then waited until he slept it off before talking to the authorities. Oh Dick then had his hostess break the news to the local press, instead of being a man and owning up to the event.

The last sitting vice president to shoot a man was Arron Burr. He shot a man in a duel- so the other guy had a chance to shoot back. Now at the time, duels were on the wane but it still was an ‘honorable’ thing. However no matter how ‘legal’ the duel was, this duel destroyed Burr’s future. He became the FIRST Vice President not to go on to be president and his named was sullied forever- Hamilton appears on a bill, not so Burr’s.

Dick Cheney has had no such problems. His victim has apologized for putting Cheney and his family through sooo much drama, by not knowing if HE ( the victim) was going to be ok.

The victim was so close to Cheney that one of the buckshots got stuck into his heart, causing a heart attack, and he felt the need to apologize.

Man. It’s good to be the king. Or vice king as the case may be.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The other comic

A lot of news has been given to the "muslim" comic that offends. However, it's only on Fox about a week or so ago that I heard about the comic below.
( yes I'm late blogging about this but that's what happens when you work a 6 day week)

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I wanted to put here( basically all my blogs) because I thought it was an amusing and TRUE comic.

Yes- Rummy had the gall to say that today's troops are "battle hardened."

I just find this to be laughable. I thought the first punchline was the fact that NONE of Bushco has been "battle hardened". But apparently I was wrong as my google search of 'rumsfeld "battle hardened"' turned up a bio of Rumsfeld subtitled- The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick.

I swear like most stuff coming out of Bushco... if it wasn't sooo darn sad, it would be damn amusing.

Oh and this comic is the gift that keeps on giving as O'Reilly was pissed that the cartoonist didn't have the BALLS to appear on the Factor. O'Reilly basically said that if the cartoonist was going to publish this crap- he should appear on the Factor, that not appearing on the Factor made this guy a chicken and took away from this point. O'Rielly then showed a clip of the cartoonist on the Paula Zahn show, which btw is on CNN at the same time as the Factor. I thought this was darn amusing as I feel that NO left leaning person should go on Fox. I feel the left just gets yelled at, and it 'shows' that Fox can book a 'balenced' show even though the show isn't balenced as they end up cutting the left's mike and letting the right wing talking heads fawn all over the Bushco and the host.

So I'm putting this cartoon all over to show my disdain for the White House and how they're handling the war.