Monday, March 20, 2006

S is for See this Movie

Government with a massive "moral values" stance that does its best to actually act rather immorally towards those w/o those values? Check.

Government with a second in command who is very military/gun happy? Check.

Government where people are arrested, held, tried and executed w/o due process? Check.

Government that is anti-art, anti-gay and anti-free speech? Check.
Where usage of said free speech to speak out against the government is not only unpatriotic, but tantamount to being in league with terrorists? Check.

You'd think that when Alan Moore wrote V for Vendetta in the early 80's he could see the future, or when the Wachowski, et al. Bros. adapted it to film this year they were pointing fingers decidedly other places than the story's setting of Great Britain.

Various "reputable" news agencies have already lambasted the film for "promoting terrorism." After watching it this weekend, I even had to remind a good friend of mine that the only differences between "terrorist" and "revolutionary" are perspective and history.

Do I condone activities that kill innocent people? Absolutely not.

I think the hijackers of 9/11, and all of the Al Qaeda are rightly labelled as terrorists and have no problem with our government wanting to take them out.

I continue to have problems with how our government treats most everyone else.

Criticizing your government doesn't make you a terrorist. Wanting change does not make you a terrorist (even if you want it swiftly, and dare it be said, revolutionary).

I left this movie honestly surprised that it was even released. Honestly, it's such a parable for where our country is definitely aiming itself, I couldn't believe that some censor out there didn't put a kibosh on it.

Despite criticism to the contrary, this movie does not idolize terrorism; the message isn't to change the world through blowing things up, and it isn't suggesting said notion is an ok one. This movie wants you to wake up (how very Matrix-y, actually). Recognize, as I started to with the very first post on this blog, that we are all of us human beings with human needs. We, all of us, need to remember that we control our government (or were supposed to--we are a representative government, not a democratic one). We need to stop allowing our civil liberties to disappear before they're all gone.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What about the kids?

I am livid about a lot of things in the public eye these days. But in the forefront are Mitt and the Catholic Church. I have blogged in my own blog about my intolerance for both the Governor and the Church as both have affected the day to day lives of people here in Ma.

They have gone a step further recently.
The Catholic Church has decided to take a stand and throw the baby out with the bath water. They refuse to help babies get adopted because STATE LAW requires that they not discriminate based on sexual origination- i.e. they don’t want to place an unwanted baby that could’ve been prevented with birth control to go to a loving parent who is gay. Not wanting this poor baby to go to someone who might LOVE them but teach them the evils of ‘loving thy fellow man’ a bit too much, they have decided to get out of the adoption game.
Mitt feels that it’s NOT the government job to tell religions how to act, nor is it really the government’s job to look after these orphans after the government bans ‘the morning after pill’. So Mitt has decided that the best course of action is to change the law so that the Holy C can indeed make sure that the poor poor babies are not going to GAY homes.

Ok, to review. This is the SAME Catholic Church that promoted Cardinal Law when it was found out that he was COVERING UP for pedophile priests.

The Church has decided it’s above AMERICAN law on numerous occasions, and Mitt is an enabler. Rather then say that the Catholic Church MUST respect the law of the land, because we separate Church and State so that they are both equal; Mitt is saying that BECAUSE we have a separation of Church and State, we can not force the CHURCH to follow STATE laws.
You know what, if the Church wants to tell you that Kerry is not a good candidate because he’s a baby killer (pro life), that they are allowed to ‘protect their own’ before their flock( protecting the pedophile priests but not the kids), then they’ve broken the bonds between Church and State before the State.

I should end by quoting from this story which mentions that the Catholic Church, as usual, is going against the will of IT’S OWN people.

The bishops’ request was in stark contrast to the wishes of the agency itself, which voted unanimously in December to uphold the practice of placing children in homosexual homes.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Raise Minimum Wage!

Not sure if people from other states can sign Kennedy's petition BUT I don't see why not as it talks about raising the FEDERAL minimum wage.

So please sign it.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Trip Down the Civil Liberties Highway

A nurse's computer seized and investigated for sedition because of an anti-Bush "letter to the editor." Alas, First Amendment, I knew thee well.

A family is denied housing for not being married.

Domino's Pizza founder, Thomas Monaghan is trying to build an all-Catholic city. Separate that, Church and State. Sigh.

Homeland Security investigates a couple for PAYING their credit card. Good thing I'm so in debt that'll never happen to me...