Friday, August 18, 2006

Adapt to Win!

Ok this one has got my head spinning. RNC chairman Ken Mehlman has recently rolled out the NEW repug talking point- instead of “staying the course” repugs now “adapt to win.’

MEHLMAN: Look, the fact is our mission in the war in Iraq is critical. We agree on that, we agree that it's wrong to cut and run. But look we're not coming in and saying stay the course. The choice in this election is not between stay the course and cut and run. It's between win by adapting and cut and run. Let me tell you what we're doing. The fact is before the successful Iraqi elections, the number of troops went up from 137,000 to 160,000. That's adapting to win. Recently we increased troops in Baghdad, adapting to win. We changed how the training of Iraqi forces occurred to involve more Iraqis. That's adapting to win. We've involved the international community more, the EU, the UN

Now what made me really laugh at this is to me- adapting to win is EVOLUTION. A critter faces a hostile environment and ‘adapts to win’ by EVOLVING. Having a problem getting the choice leaves at the top of trees- Adapt to Win! by having a longer neck.

I don’t know which is funnier the fact that repugs are still looking for buzz words to sell their war- or that the buzz words ironically describes something they don’t believe in.
Actually, the true irony I think is that what they are adapting to win is not the Iraqi War but U.S. elections.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


[ Note: this post is a specific political scree and as such, I Drew Harris, do NOT mean to imply my fellow GMA bloggers Evan or Adam "approve" of this message]

I'm very happy that Ned Lamont won over Lieberman yesterday.
The main reason I'm happy is NOT because Lieberman is a Neo Con in Democrat clothing but because rather then accept the will of his party, he plans to run as an independent. So rather then accept the loss, Lieberman will try to 'take his message' to the people... i.e. get republicans, independent and brain washed dems into voting for him.
Personally I felt that was reason enough not to vote for him in the democratic primary. If he planned to run regardless of the outcome- I'd rather have more choices on the end ballot and have Lamont be on the Democrat ballot.
I also feel that Lieberman deciding he'll run as an independent says it's more important for HIM to be in congress then to follow the will of the voters.