Friday, August 31, 2007

All weddings should be gay... I mean Happy

Just saw it and felt a tip of the hat is needed for Judge Robert Hanson; who has decided that Iowa's law banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and ordered Polk County to issue SIX marriage licenses to six gay couples.

Not sure if his ruling will survive the Iowa STATE SUPREME Court but if it does- It will make Iowa the SECOND state to allow gay marriage... and both will achieved this status not through the voters but because a bunch of judges have decided, as the Supreme Court did decades ago, that seperate but equal- isn't.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Words Fail Me...

I'm not really sure what to say about this image:

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I know I had to share it. I know I should comment on it, but really- what can I say?

I guess I'll start by pointing out that Ok has plates for the Victims and Survivors of the Murrah Building, which was a TERRORIST attack in OK.
I emphisize victims and survivors because, well that's who it's for.
So already we start having a double standard, because OK came out with a plate for THEIR attack, but only allowed people who were victims or survivors get them... so already a 'double' standard- as ANYONE can get their '9/11' plate- with the TWIN TOWERS.
Oh- that's another double standard- notice how the place for the OKC terrorist attack doesn't HAVE the Murrah Building on it.

The OKC plate also doesn't have AN EAGLE or other symbol of AMERICA... I guess that's because the terrorist was... well... an American.

Then there's the price difference. For a nominal fee( besides being a victim/survivor of OKC) you can get THEIR plate- but for the GWOT- or as I like to call it- TWAT( The War Against Terrorism)- costs $37. No word on if any of that $20 or so goes to "the Jersey Girls" or to otherwise help fund TWAT.

I guess what really pisses me off- is I see this as a jingoistic and warmongering AND I feel that most of the people who died on that fateful day wouldn't be given the time of day in OK on Sept. 9th.
Would they call these people, many of whom were immigrants, AMERICANS if they had not died on that day of dates? Or would the people of OK, tell them to LEARN ENGLISH and to STOP TAKING JOBS AWAY FROM REAL AMERICANS?

I'm just made angry and sick about this. Oh and it prolly doesn't help that the people who buy this plate most likely drive SUVs to NASCAR and wouldn't think for a second to slow their oil consumption and think that bombing Mecca would show Osama/Saddam what for.