Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I thought it was interesting as I read this article about some Californians who spelled IMPEACH! on the beach that tv station's response was:
a) ABC7's Noel Cisneros: "Do you think the country has the stomach for another impeachment?"
B) ABC7 Legal Analyst Dean Johnson: "You can't impeach a president for incompetence."

To the first I respond; do you think the country has the stomach for the deaths of another 3,000 soldiers? because that's really what's going to happen in the next two years if W. gets his surge.

To the second I respond; first- way to phrase the dialogue. I wonder which side ABC7 is on? They're helping W. make his defense... He's not evil, he's incompetent. It's not his fault that he read the reports wrong and Saddam didn't have WMDs....

Which leads to my real anger and response to W's incompetence.
If we were JUST talking about Hellavu a Job Brownie! and W.'s response to Katrina. I'd agree with the Legal Analyst. But we're talking about a man who LIED us into a war. If the right wanted to impeach Clinton for lying about having extra-martial sex( and btw how many MILLIONS did the right and Ken Lay spend of OUR TAX MONEY attempting to find a reason to get rid of Clinton), then surely W. lying about getting us into a war deserves another lookie loo.
And that's not W.'s only 'crime' as the article goes on to point out that the BEST chance to nail... I mean impeach W. is because of the ILLEGAL wiretaps. Though of course the channel calls them warrantless which I thinks muffles the wrongness of the wiretaps.

I would also like to add to the impeachable offenses besides breaking the IV amendment as illegal wiretaps= unreasonable searches and seizures- W's breaking the V, IV and VIII amendments due to what W is doing in Gitmo.
V amendment-arresting people without a indictment of a Grand Jury and depriving those in Gitmo of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; VI amendment- not giving people a speedy trial; the VIII amendment mentions something about... nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted which again I think is happening in Gitmo.

I also think that W. should be shot( after impeachment) for allowing war profiteering. I think we are in Iraq more for Haliburton & Co. to make money then we are to 'bring peace to the middle east'. While Cindy Sheenan and other Gold Star moms have lost their sons and daughters in this war, Cheney and pals are making MAD BANK( which we are of course NOT TAXING to pay for the war...)