Thursday, January 05, 2006

George W. Bush V, America.

I really want to call the police and try to have them arrest W. as a) a terrorist and b) a career criminal.

I say a) terrorist because that’s how he and his evil compatriots operate. They terrorize the American people. They want us to live in fear, pointing out that if we don’t do everything they want that we’ll be attacked again. Not so funny after I read the last sentence, it sounds like organized crime- “This is a real nice country you have here, be a shame if you elected a democrat and something BAD were to happen.”

I say b) career criminal because he has recently admitted that he broke the law with wiretaps, and he said he’d continue to break the law. Worse is this article about W. and torture. The White House has continued to say that they have the right to torture prisoners to ‘learn useful information.’ It should be noted that NO ONE at the White House has served in the military and so they’ve never had to worry about being on the receiving end of torture. Heck they’ve even ignored experts who’ve pointed out that once tortured- people will say anything to stop the torture.
Congress- in the form of Sen. McCain said this was ‘not right/ un-American’. The White House scared congress and the American people (see a) by talking about the ''ticking time bomb scenario" and how not being able to torture people would tie the president’s hands… not that he tortures NOW. Congress, by a wide margin, did NOT accept the ''ticking time bomb scenario" and said… ‘No, we’re Americans… We don’t torture.’ The White House tried every trick in the book to keep their power to hurt other people… but, again, congress decided by a wide margin that we shouldn’t be torturing people.
So when W. signed the bill, he had no choice because the ‘no torture’ law passed by a large enough margin to survive a veto, he added a little note… saying that basically he feels the law doesn’t apply to him BECAUSE of the ''ticking time bomb scenario".
So again- Congress passed a law that was specifically to stop the president from torturing people and the president while signing it decided that said law doesn’t apply to him.
This I feel insults all of America and must be treasonous or at the very least illegal.

W. is not a stupid little monkey anymore, he’s an EVIL man who believes he’s doing GOD’S work by torturing people of a different faith( and possible his own people as we still don’t know who’s in Gitmo). I wonder if he’d be sanctified by the Spanish Inquisition.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I fail to understand how a white house who firmly believes it has the power to wiretap, hold people without trial indefinitely and torture people for information does not give a government agency the power to close down a mine when said mine has over 200 safety violations.